Goodwin sets out stall for BBC2 job

From: The Guardian (Jason Deans, broadcasting editor)

Daisy Goodwin, the TV lifestyle queen behind shows including How Clean is Your House?, Grand Designs and Life Laundry, has set out her stall for the BBC2 controllership, saying she would commission more “edgy, challenging arts and current affairs” if she got the job. Ms Goodwin, who was interviewed in today’s Times, has emerged along with the ITV controller of current affairs, arts and religion, Steve Anderson, as the leading external candidates for the BBC2 job.

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Reality – the next stage

From: The Guardian

Television trends develop in strange ways. Someone hits on a successful format, everyone else jumps on the bandwagon and produces clones until the original idea is exhausted, and then we all sit and wait for something else to come along. The way ahead, as with all things, is in successful mutation…

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It’s education, honest…

From: The Independent

There are five simple rules to follow if you want to show naked people having sex on telly. Vincent Graff and Lucy Rouse report. Sex, a television executive explains, “ticks all the correct boxes – it gets high ratings, appeals to young audiences and is popular with upmarket viewers.” You may not be entirely surprised to learn of TV’s love affair with the subject. And, just like the beginnings of real-life love affairs, after each date the television company wants to go one step further next time.

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