Daisy is currently writing Series 2 of her hit show “Victoria” for ITV/PBS. In Series 1 – Victoria starts as the young Queen comes to the throne just after her eighteenth birthday and follows her through the stormy early years of her reign as she tries prove herself as a woman and a monarch. Victoria kept a diary from the age of twelve, and in the course of her lifetime wrote over 62 million words, so we have real access to her thoughts and feelings. This series will explore what it was like for an emotionally deprived teenager of diminutive stature to wake up one morning and find that she is the most powerful woman in the world.
VICTORIA is being produced by Mammoth Screen, the makers of Poldark; Victoria is being played by Jenna Coleman, Lord Melbourne by Rufus Sewell and Prince Albert by Tom Hughes.

Behind the scenes at Victoria

daisy goodwin - victoria daisy goodwin - victoria

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